Social value strategy

Social value is changing organisational practices rapidly. We can help you develop a strategy that utilises your strengths, addresses the needs of your customers and stakeholders, and gives you a competitive edge at a local or international level.

Impact Management

We can help you manage and embed the reporting of your local or global impact on stakeholders and society. We provide management tools that inform programme design, consolidate monitoring processes, and enhance analysis and reporting. We can also second a social value expert to your team.

Training and capacity-building

We have supported over 1,000 people with their impact journey through a range of training, mentoring, and capacity building services. These include SROI training, Theory of Change workshops, and mentoring different teams on impact monitoring techniques.

Social Value & SROI analysis

Our team of social value practitioners can help build the unique story of the value that you create for your stakeholders in a credible, comparable, and robust way. We navigate different valuation approaches, databases, and measurement tools, aligning with international standards and Social Value principles.

Impact and process evaluation

We can help you assess the effectiveness of your programmes and how much difference they make to your stakeholders. We draw on process effectiveness models and impact evaluation techniques, to highlight your strengths, outcomes, and areas for development.

Stakeholder research

We can tell you what your stakeholders are saying, what they experience, and how they are acting. We use qualitative and quantitative methods to help you understand what this means for your organisation, and empower you to make data-driven decisions.