Social Value

We help Commissioners and Contractors to understand, measure and communicate the Social Value that they are creating. Our work helps organisations differentiate themselves, gain a competitive advantage, and maximise their impact on society.

We work with contractors to plan how their work will add value to communities, conduct research to understand how their work is making a difference, and implement data collection systems to track the creation of Social Value. We also help communicate this impact and create a competitive advantage when tendering for work.

We also work with commissioners to assess the impact of their suppliers. We help assess competing tenders, align planned Social Value strategies with commissioners’ objectives, and conduct research to enable an informed judgement about the amount of Social Value that organisations are likely to create.

Social Return on Investment

Envoy Partnership are experts in Social Return on Investment (SROI) and have completed over 50 successful SROI analyses across a range of sectors. Our work has proved particularly effective at helping organisations understand how effective they are and where they can improve, and at communicating their impact to stakeholders. Our SROI work draws on a number of strengths:

  • Incorporating ‘Process Evaluation’, to identify the strengths and challenges of an organisation’s delivery model
  • Utilising the latest measurement, valuation and data collection tools
  • Sophisticated economic modelling
  • The ‘human’ element; ensuring that the real life experiences of stakeholders are reflected in our analyses

Stakeholder Research

Envoy provide expert insight with a focus on human interaction. We believe that good stakeholder research is empowering both for our clients and for their stakeholders.

We help people to tell their story and communicate what they really think and feel, whether they are a teenage mother, an ex-offender looking to get back into work, or a CEO of a large national organisation. We draw on a wealth of experiences and tools for facilitation, group consultation, interviews, survey management, stakeholder mapping and communications. This enables us to provide high quality stakeholder intelligence, robust data and meaningful insight to properly inform decision-making, action and strategy.

Our stakeholder engagement approach is tailored and applied across a diverse range of projects and sectors, including organisational change, housing and built environment, health and well-being inequalities, employment and skills, culture, finance and commercial strategy.