Join us for the launch of social value group on international development and humanitarian aid

SROI fieldwork taking place in Uganda

Join us for the launch of the SVI Thought Leadership Group on International Development and Humanitarian Aid, 29th October. Register here.

Around $30 billion is spent globally on humanitarian aid each year.[1] Development spending is even higher: The UK alone spent £15.2 billion on Official Development Assistance in 2019.[2] Alongside national governments, impact investors, charities and foundations all commit significant amounts of money to aid and development programmes.

How might the principles of social value help inform this spending? Can the concept of social value help us better understand its impact, and highlight how this impact can be improved?

A review of evaluation practices suggests that there is significant scope for improvement. For example, many evaluations are focused on programme outputs, rather than the outcomes that those programmes create. The views of those stakeholders who are affected by programmes are often ignored. In addition, evaluations are often narrow in scope: failing to account for differences in cultural norms, and focusing only on the programme objectives – not the wider impacts that are created.

We believe that the social value principles have a role to play in contributing to best practice and improving evaluation in the sector. We have seen this in our recent work, for example in our food aid evaluation in Ukraine, and in our work with the ECLT Foundation in Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi:

That’s why we are launching a new SVI Thought Leadership Group, focused on social value in International Development and Humanitarian Aid. The group will be focused on:

  • Raising awareness of the application and benefits of social value in international development and humanitarian aid,
  • Building the skills and capabilities of those analysing the social value of international development and humanitarian aid interventions,
  • Helping to grow the social value community.

If you have any ideas for the group, resources to contribute, examples of best practice, or if you just want to find out more, please join us on October 29th. No ongoing commitment is required!

Looking forward to seeing you there!